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Diamond Grown In A Lab

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are the next generation of luxury jewelry. This trend has been gaining momentum as more people turn to natural gems for their supposed authenticity and rarity-but what does it really mean when we say "Lab-Grown"

Lab-grown diamonds are created through a process of synthesizing them in a laboratory, as opposed to being mined from the ground. The end result is an entirely identical product to its natural counterpart, with the same chemical and physical properties. Highly skilled scientists cultivate diamonds in tightly monitored laboratories by using cutting-edge technology that creates conditions identical to those where natural diamonds form deep within the Earth's mantle.

Out lab-grown diamonds are the perfect choice for those who want to stand out in a crowd and make their own unique style statement. We offer a large variety of diamonds in various colorless shapes and beautiful colors like pink, yellow, green, and many more! Whether you're looking for a ring, bracelet, or necklace, we have it all here at Real N Rare.

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How are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

Lab-grown diamonds are created through a process of either High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

In HPHT, a tiny diamond seed is placed in a chamber with carbon. The chamber is then heated to extremely high temperatures and pressures, which causes the carbon to vaporize and deposit around the diamond seed. Over time, this process results in a full-sized lab-grown diamond.

CVD works similarly to HPHT, but instead of using heat to vaporize the carbon, CVD uses plasma - an electrically charged gas. This gas breaks down the molecules of a hydrocarbon gas into atomic carbon. These atoms then settle on the diamond seed, gradually building up the size of the lab-grown diamond.

Both HPHT and CVD result in diamonds that have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds. However, because lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment, they do not contain impurities or blemishes. This results in a much higher quality diamond than what is typically found in nature.

Lab-grown diamonds are an exciting new development in the world of diamond jewelry. They are Physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds but free of impurities, they offer a beautiful and high-quality alternative to diamonds mined from the earth.

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Lab Grown Diamonds vs Mined Diamonds

When it comes to real diamonds, there are two kinds: lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds. As we've already mentioned, they are identical in terms of physical properties. However, with lab-grown diamonds, a quality of stone can be produced every time, exactly how you want it

The major advantage of lab-grown diamonds is that they are much less expensive than mined diamonds. Because they are created in a controlled environment, lab-grown diamonds can be produced on demand and don't require the expensive mining operations needed to extract natural diamonds from the Earth.

In addition to being more affordable, lab-grown diamonds are also more environmentally friendly than mined diamonds. The diamond mining process can significantly impact the environment, including soil erosion, water pollution, and negative impacts on local communities. Lab-grown diamonds don't has any of these negative environmental impacts

On top of being both affordable and eco-friendly, our lab-grown diamonds are 100% conflict free. The diamond mining industry has been linked to funding conflict and violence in countries like Africa for years. There are also countless other instances of human rights abuses and exploitation associated with the mined-diamond industry. When you purchase a lab-grown diamond, you can rest assured knowing that your purchase isn't supporting any of this unethical immoral behavior.

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Lab Grown Diamonds

We now live in a new age of technology that has made it possible to instantaneously access a world of information. The tech world has changed our lives in a way that was unthinkable only a decade ago regarding how fast we can connect, socialize, shop, travel, entertain and even buy groceries. This technology has allowed us to make another breakthrough in the formation and manufacturing of the diamonds we treasure and cherish as a symbol of our love and promise. The LGDs (Lab Grown Diamonds) are created using cutting-edge technology in a laboratory-controlled environment where the natural process of forming diamonds is replicated. A common misconception about LGDs, A.K.A man-made diamonds, is that they are different from mined diamonds. However, this could not be further from the truth. LGDs are chemically, physically, and visually identical to mined diamonds.

Additionally, They are imbued with values of being ethically sourced, responsibly grown, and environmentally friendly. Due to pioneering technology, we can now enjoy sharing and showing our love through diamonds that are acquired without the destruction of the Earth and the endangerment of hard-working miners. The LGDs are 100% Conflict and blood free, guaranteed, and at half the cost of mined diamonds; I personally guarantee that.

Realnrare.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nu-Diamond Jewelry Inc. We are PRoud to Bring you an exquisite assortment of fashion and bridal jewelery sets with LGDs of high clarity (VVS = Very very small, SI = small inclusion) and high color ranging from D to I, as defined by the Gemological Laboratory of America (GIA).

A grown diamond has the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as a mined diamond, as shown below.)

Chemical Symbol C C
Hardness 10 10
Specific Gravity 3.52 3.52
Refractive Index 2.42 2.42
Rate of Dispersion 0.044 0.044

We can honestly and confidently state that a diamond is a diamond, regardless of whether it is grown in a lab or mined from the Earth. Furthermore, in 2018, the Federal Trade Commission eliminated the word “Natural” from its definition of a diamond.

(for further details, feel free to check out Forbes)


Don't miss the behind-the-scenes tour at our Washington, D.C. area laboratory in tonight's special edition of CBS Evening News' American Innovation series, featuring WD's Chief Process Officer Jonathan Levine-Miles, PhD.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, you'll spot swoonworthy diamonds on screen, like a 6CT colorless Oval that caught the eye of CBS Correspondent Nancy Chen. From our lab, to millions of living rooms all around the world, the message rings loud and clear: there's never been a better time to build your business with lab grown diamonds.

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Ethical Consideration: It is common knowledge and a well-known fact that mining can seriously pollute the Earth, water, and air and endanger mine workers' lives. Our lab-grown diamonds are created in a safe and environmentally responsible lab where the workers are dressed in high-quality, sterilized overalls.

Humanitarian Consideration: Mined diamonds are very often used to finance regional wars, especially in diamond mining countries. These diamonds are known as Blood Diamonds. We are proud to say our lab-grown diamonds are 100% conflict and blood-free. We love our LGD So much that we call our diamonds “peace and love diamonds.”

Our Vision: We believe that any new technologies and their development must coexist in continuous harmony with the environment replacing the old antiquated process of mining diamonds that inflicts irreparable human impact on nature. For a more in-depth report on lab-grown diamonds, please visit International Grown Diamond Association's Website.

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